Kidiez Castle Academic Programs

We recognize that selecting the best program for your child is a major decision and that their education and care are priorities for you. Our early education programs and schools offer a world-class curriculum and child development specialists that are informed about how to fulfill the requirements of kids at every age and stage.

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Kidiez Castle
Kidiez "Playgroup"

The most exciting yet crucial stage of your child's development is playgroup. For the first time, the kids leave the safety of their parents and begin interacting with the world around them. We make sure that a child gains a positive attitude about school, makes new friends, comprehends the student-teacher interaction, and most importantly, realizes that there is a world outside of their home during the playgroup. No formal learning process is initiated during playgroup; instead, learning occurs via themes and play activities.

Kidiez Castle
Kidiez "Nursery"

Children in our nursery program explore their environment and neighbors. They become familiar with teaching tools that have learn about letters, numbers, and shapes as well as colors and patterns. They also learn about patterns and other artistic designs. Children are eager to learn and actively try to understand how the world works at this age. Their eyes are opened to a world of learning, sharing, and exploration via Kidiez Castle. Through a combination of music, art, narrative, and movement, our instructional strategy stimulates young brains.

Kidiez Castle
Kidiez Junior "(L.K.G)"

Children start preparing for formal education at this age. The LKG Program at Kidiez Castle teaches letters, vocabulary, basic math principles, and important social skills to help the children become ready for school. Themes are created in a way that helps kids learn and comprehend in-depth the difficult ideas found in the outside world. We make sure the kid develops social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills for the LKG program. Celebrations, story time, and art and craft time all help in the child's future development.

Kidiez Castle
Kidiez Senior "(U.K.G)"

UKG is the final developmental stage from child to student. It is achieved through a variety of learning stages, including personal, social, emotional, and cognitive ones. These stages are crucial in life and enable kids to handle problems on their own without assistance. In upper kindergarten, the transition from nursery to formal education is given significant importance. In order to enable the children seamlessly transition to formal teaching techniques in the future, the emphasis is placed on learning by mixing play and informal training approaches.

Kidiez Castle
Kidiez "Day Care"

Are you trying to find a trustworthy daycare for your kid? At Kidiez Castle Preschools, we are aware of how challenging it may be to leave your kid in the care of another individual. We can promise you, nevertheless, that your child is in the best daycare in Bangalore. Kidiez Castle has created special child care facilities with the needs of working parents in mind. The kids are kept busy all day long with positive activities throughout the after-school hours. Kidiez Castle offers a variety of activities to the kids, unlike the majority of daycare facilities, which just offer space for meals and sleeping.

Kidiez Castle
Kidiez "Other Activities"

Apart from our Curriculum we also conduct other activities for children's like: Basic Yoga, Surya Namashkara, Breath In –Breath Out Activities, Omkar, Shloka Mantra, National Anthem, State Anthem and National Songs, Brain Development Games, General Knowledge Questions and Answers, Kannada Stories and Kannada Rhymes. Come participate in some enjoyable activities with your children, share their smiles and cheers, and watch as they interact with one another and enjoy all the activities designed specifically for their age group.

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